The Hacienda Tijax offers a special and unique place to be in touch with nature. Since 1990 Tijax has evolved into the most unique place on the Rio Dulce and probably on the whole Izabal Region and Guatemalan Caribbean. Although the Lodge has maintained its rustic and open nature the fact that it is nestled inside a 400+ Acre (200 Hectares) spread with it`s own Nature Reserve, forestry project, miles of trails, water springs and pools make it the destination to visit while on the Rio Dulce. Centrally located from here you can embark on several day trips to other places of interest like the Rio Dulce boat trip to Livingston, the Hot Waterfall at Finca Paraiso

Puente Rio Dulce

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Hacienda Tijax


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Hacienda Tijax Ecolodge

Hacienda Tijax Hotel and Marina is a pioneer Eco-Lodge in the Rio Dulce area. Since 1990 we have strived to provide a comfortable and eco-friendly home for the smart travelers that appreciate a place in harmony with the surroundings, centrally located while providing access to nature and it´s beautiful secrets.

Simple things like clean sheets, dry towels and a hearty meal serviced by a friendly staff while enjoying the sounds and smells of the jungle. We are practical and austere but still able to enjoy a cocktail by the pool or watch the moonrise from our dock, hike the jungle trails or visit the plantation on horseback, kayak at dawn to the monkey hideout…

Relax, enjoy, learn, and be in harmony with our Jungle environment!


Hotel Hacienda Tijax Jungle Lodge & Marina, offers several options of accommodations for various budgets depending on the comfort level required. From spartan Cabins with a shared bath to our Cabañas Plus; our well finished, air conditioned, individual cabins offering máximum privacy, local construction details, private bathroom, orthopaedic mattress, and more. We also have family style villas with a small kitchen, private bathroom which we call “Bungalows”and can accomodate entire famililes or groups of anywhere from 2 to 8 passengers.


Our Hotel's Restaurant serves delicious foods. You can select from a varied menu which includes delicous vegetarian plates, real Italian pastas or gourmet seasonal seafood. Some of our specialties are the “snook -filet”, Grilled Shrimp and Lobster.


Our bars offer a wide variety of refreshing cocktails in a unique jungle setting. Try our delicious Margaritas, Mojitos, Piñas Coladas..and much more.

Amenities & facilities

Free guest car parking
Free internet in common areas
Business services
Conference facilities
Laundry facilities
Tea & coffee for early birds
Kayak rentals
Swimming Pooll


Kayak Monkey Sunrise Tour

Glide silently at dawn over the placid Waters of the Rio Dulce, enter the canopied jungle of Leon Creek and then: surprise! the Howlers are in the branches above you!!

Hot Waterfall Finca Paraiso

40 minute trip on a comfortable van brings you to the river. You hike a few minutes enjoying the views and then through the mist you see the waterfall. vapor risers, you jump into the cold pool and move slowly towards the warm water.

vvJungle Trails & Shaman -Tower Hike

As you hike you discover plants that are sensitive to touch, ants living in thorns on trees. You enter the jungle the lights dim the green engulfs you.. out on top of the hill the view explodes. Broad horizons, you can see forever.

Rio Dulce Livingston Boat Tour.

The engine roars into action. the skiff flies over the silver ribbon surrounded by jungle, the sky reflected on the water and then it turns into the narrows, steep limestone walls adorned with trees, roots, flowers, birds and the sky way above.

Horseback Plantation

Gentle well-groomed horses are waiting. You hop on one and off you go enjoying the height you see the beauty all around... you stop, venture into the jungle, the pool, the tower


Rio Dulce is unique in that it boasts most of the Humid Tropical Jungle bird species and many species found in waterways rivers and the sea. Furthermore being on the migratory rout we also have those traveling north and south twice a year.

Mapa Hacienda Tijax

Hacienda Tijax Jungle Lodge & Marina

Formerly part a cattle farm, Hacienda Tijax now spans over 500 acres of land. Visit our beautiful Jungle Reserve, Mangrove walk *the bird sanctuary. See our Rubber and teak plantation. Horseback ride through the plantation, enjoy world class bird watching or just stay and relax at one of our comfortable Cabañas, and lounge by the pool.

Hacienda Tijax is located in Frontera Rio Dulce , Izabal, close to the bridge crossing over Rio Dulce. This is a natural stopover for the “Maya Route Traveler”, From the comfort of our centrally located farm visit Livingston, the Chocon Machacas Manatee Reserve, Lake Isabel, Castle of San Felipe de Lara, Quirigua, Punta de Manabique, El Boqueron, “Finca El Paris” and much more.

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Spanish, English, French and Italian spoken.

Ceremonia Maya

Ceremonia Maya and Omens

Torre del Shaman

Calixta did more than just explain to us what the Ceremony is about as well as the Calendar and how it works, for me it was rediscovering a way of life than includes taking to the Gods and Spirits of the earth, heaven, our ancestors, the water, the fire the heart in the sky and all the manifest dualities without a middle man or woman. Having been raised a Catholic some onelse was always doing the praying for me or telling me what to say and do, how to behave and dress, and so on. Here it is simple under the stars as a roof and with the sun just peeking over the trees and in front of the inmensity of the Izabal valley we greeted and spoke to the Nahuales and thanked for the blessings and asked for our needs; rain, health, the guidance from our ancestors, etc.

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Location Ecohotel Hacienda Tijax

Hacienda Tijax is located in Fronteras, Izabal, close to the bridge crossing over the Rio Dulce. This is a natural stopover for “Maya Route” travelers.

You should get to Rio Dulce at the town of Fronteras and ask for “Hacienda Tijax Lancha”. Please call 7930-5505 an we`ll send you boat transportation to get to Tijax.

From the comfort of our centrally located farm, travelers may visit Livingston, the Chocon Machacas, Manatee Reserve, Lake Izabal, Castillo de San Felipe, Quirigua, Punta Manabique, Finca Paraiso and much more...